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Introducing PCSD 25’s Newest School Board Member: A Dedicated Educator with a Vision for Progress

Introducing PCSD 25’s Newest School Board Member: A Dedicated Educator with a Vision for Progress

The Pocatello/Chubbuck School District 25 is pleased to welcome the newest addition to the Board of Trustees. Megan Furniss is a passionate educator with a wealth of experience and a commitment to fostering positive change in the local education system. Furniss, a resident of Chubbuck for nearly nine years, brings a unique perspective and a deep-rooted dedication to the betterment of educational opportunities for all learners. Furniss replaces Angie Oliver, who resigned after serving as a Trustee representing Zone #1 since January 2022.

With a Bachelor's degree English Education from BYU-Idaho (2006) and a Master's in Education Leadership from Arkansas State University (2014), Furniss is well-equipped to contribute to the school board's mission of ensuring the highest quality education for every child. Her eight years of teaching experience, including teaching English at North Fremont and Madison, have provided her with invaluable insights into the challenges and opportunities within different school districts.

"As a teacher, I am passionate about education and about learners succeeding," Furniss explains. "I am excited to bring that perspective to the board room."

As a stay-at-home mom for the past eight years, Furniss] has remained actively involved in the educational community, advocating for the needs of learners and teachers alike. Her four children, aged eight, six, four, and one, give her a firsthand understanding of the diverse needs and aspirations of young learners.

"I believe it works best if board members are willing to listen to each other and to learn others’ perspectives," Furniss said. "Learning those perspectives can help make better general consensus decisions."

Furniss's commitment to collaboration and open communication extends beyond the boardroom. She emphasizes the importance of building relationships with parents, voters, and taxpayers, recognizing them as essential stakeholders in the educational process.

"Lack of response and participation [from parents] can be a challenge," Furniss acknowledges. "But I hope I can help foster an environment where parents will be willing to step up to share their concerns and desires for our school district."

“I look forward to the role Megan will play with her years of teaching English and her Master’s degree in leadership,” said Deanna Judy, Board Chair. “I think she has a great deal to offer—I was impressed with her knowledge of and accomplishments in the field of literacy, as well as her knowledge and appreciation of the administrative role.”

In her new role, Furniss aims to address the learning gaps exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, focusing on getting learners back to pre-pandemic standards and beyond. She advocates for a return to basics and a renewed emphasis on foundational skills to ensure students are prepared for future success.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Furniss cherishes her family time and enjoys outdoor activities with her husband and children. Their love for the Pocatello and Chubbuck communities is evident in their active participation in local events and their appreciation for the area's natural beauty.

I love our community, Furniss affirms. "It's such a friendly place, and we've felt welcomed since the day we arrived."

Furniss is a natural peacemaker who hopes to bring an unbiased perspective to the board. As she embarks on this journey, she remains committed to listening, learning, and advocating for the best interests of learners, teachers, and parents alike. With her wealth of experience, dedication to education, and genuine passion for the community, Furniss is poised to make a meaningful impact as the newest member of the school board.